Jules Corriere



Story Bridge: From Alienation to Community Action. A guidebook exploring the work of community performance, which takes a community or group from sharing, crafting and performing their stories, to then moving into community conversations that lead to committed action. Based on twenty years of experience creating plays in communities across the United States.

How to Collect Your Community's Stories. A hands-on guide to gathering the stories of you community, school, or any other group. Practical approaches to the interview process, for one-on-one as well as story circle interviews, as well as creating an hospitable environment, making an event of the occasion, proper use of the recording equipment, and more. 

Um Caminho Sobre O Muro (A Way Through the Wall). Translated by Ronaldo Florintino and Anita Way. A play created from stories of Rio de Janeiro's notorious favella, Providencia. The play celebrates the work of the Methodist Institute that has served this community for one-hundred years. Stories of the drug wars are embedded in scenes historical parallel, so they could be told safely, without durectly implicating any living persons.

Dig Deeper. Salkehatchie Stew's first community performance production. Located in the Salkehatchie region of South Carolina, the stories for this play were gathered from the five counties located along the Salkehatchie RIver. Included in the play are stories from the last remaining residents of the now-extinct towns of Ellenton and Dunbarton, which were taken over through eminent domain when the Savanah River Project (a place locals call the "Bomb Plant") built on the site because of the naturally occuring amounts of deuterium in the water. 

Deep Enough to Swallow Me Whole. A community performance play based on teh stories of the people from the West Side of Chicago and residents and workers at Bethel New Life CDC. The play was staged in a de-sanctified church that has neighborhood significance to the community. The play was intended to bring new use to the old building, and to animate the residents of the area into civic action and engagement, as their predecessors, and used the motif of walking in other's shoes. The play worked in partnership with the museum's exhibit, featuring the shoes of the famous people who came from this neighborhood.

Always Expect Miracles. A comunity performance play based on the stories of the people of Asheville, North Carolina. 

Turn the Washpot Down. First official folk life play of South Carolina. Created several years after Susan Smith drowned her two sons in Union, and the media circus that diminished the town's identity in teh aftermath of her horrible crime. The play served as a way for the community to come together again and begin a healing process by sharing their stories and reclaiming a new identity. American Theatre magazine said of this play, "Even if Turn the Washpot Down hasn't saved Union's life, it has already saved its soul." 

Ahhh Shot in the Arm. Community Peformance play based on stories from the healing community in Lavonia, Georgia, in advance of their new regional hospital. This play served as the third play Jules wrote for the Land of Spirit project in Franklin County, Georgia, a project she co-founded with Community Performance, International.